Bamboo Square

By Christophe Mayer


Bamboo square is a playful animation which plays with the lights and the reflections in the water. Along with the current, tilted by the wind, a forest of bamboo grows in basins with water. As if they were alive, they are all animated by their light; they sparkle and oscillate at the rate of a magic choreography.

Every bamboo is illuminated and changes intensity to build a bright and serene atmosphere. Several sound animations also contribute to transforming Statue Square into an enchanted forest.

Bamboo Square pays tribute to Hong Kong as a combination of traditional heritage and modernity and to Stature Square as a crossing place where people of all background meet.


Digiplay is a creative studio specialised in scenography, animations of contents and audiovisual projects. Christophe Mayer is the Artistic Director of the studio. As a self-taught designer, he guided his reflection to light and starts the Oblik light a research about LED lights and their interaction with sound.
Visual professional inspired by contemporary’s world esthetics, he brings to his creations an original aspect, playing with the purity of the materials and the deconstructed shapes. 

23-25 Nov, 2017

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