By Keith Lam


PMQ, Hong Kong
“Dao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three, Three begets all things. All things carry the females and embrace the male. And by breathing together, they live in harmony…”

From temple to school, to living quarters, to the creative hub, this is a place for people to study the universe. Through religious places, dialogue with God and wish making, humans have been trying to reach out to the universes. Knowledge prompt mankind to explore more, and school has become another platform to understand the universe. This is a place to connect to the sky and the universe.

Borrowing the open design architectural form of Shing Wong Temple and The Government Central School, and through its rounded form and the gate, Heliocentric is a light installation representing the movement of the universe and its relationship with mankind. It carries out dialogues to its history and functionality. With the lighting arrangement, kinetic movement of the light, and the performer, it displays the close relationship between the universe, knowledge and human.

Although it is a performative installation, visitors are able to walk into the installation at any time.

Music: Lam Keung, Hui Chi Yuen, Ho Chi Ho
Motion Graphics: Seth Hon@Dimension Plus
Motion Graphics and Visual Post Production: Marco Chan @3JBK, Ben Wan@3JBK
Choreography and performance: Shuhui Xu, Jasmin Wong

Keith Lam

Keith Lam is a new media artist, founder and artistic director of new media creative team Dimension Plus. A Multiple Award winner, Keith Lam was included in “40 under 40′′of Global Creative Talent by Perspective Magazine. His artworks have been invited to numerous art and design festivals around the world. Lam‘s studio, Dimension Plus, has also created lots of great works, which have received numerous awards including the Japan Asia Digital Art Award and the Design for Asia Award. He was also appointed Art Director of Shenzhen New Media Arts Festival and International Jury of the GDC Design Awards. 

23-25 Nov, 2017

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