Long Striker, the Light Keeper

By Benjamin Petit / Salvatore Barletta


Clock Tower

The High Striker is a legendary fun fair game, we all remember from childhood. The principle is simple: use a mallet to hit as hard and accurately as possible the end of a lever in order to send a pallet up a vertical tower to strike a bell at the summit.

LONG STRIKER is revisiting the famous high striker concept with a digital participative game which invites spectators to challenge each other and become involved in lighting up an artwork whilst also trying to achieve the highest score. But be aware, strength alone is not enough, as the accuracy of your strike is also key!

LONG STRIKER is a spiritual and cultural adventure at the very heart of ancestral Chinese tradition.

The Hong Kong Bay has mysteriously lost the light from its lighthouse, disorienting the four winds.

The legendary dragon, Long, needs humans’ help to get out of his underground cavern and revive with his breath the Jade stone, light source of the lighthouse.

Through this game, we are inviting the bravest to come and prove their worth by embodying the dragon and completing all nine levels leading to the top of the Clock Tower.

23-25 Nov, 2017
Clock Tower
Clock Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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