Over the Ocean

By Kingsley Ng


Chater Garden, Central, Hong Kong

For hundreds of years, people from afar have travelled thousands of miles to this city and eventually called it home. People here, for various reasons, have left this port; some returned, some haven’t.

On this spot, a stone’s throw from where ships historically docked, where the silence of those who wanted to stay might have been forgotten, where migrant housekeepers rest away from home, where farewell was bidden…

Over the Ocean invites you to listen to the songs and stories of those who have drifted to, from, and around here. Reflective currents, carrying on its ebbs and flows these life voyages, flicker in these vibrations.

Composer: Charles Kwong
Music Performance: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
Writer: Stephanie Cheung

Kingsley Ng

Kingsley Ng lives and works in Hong Kong. He is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on conceptual, site-specific, participatory and process-based projects. He often works with the ephemeral and intangible, such as light, sound, space and time. Light is often used not only as a medium but also as a metaphor for art making — to cast light on the imperceptible, hidden or forgotten.

Kingsley Ng’s work has been featured in various international institutions and exhibitions and he is the recipient of several awards such as the Hong Kong the Arts Development Council Best Artist Award in Media Arts 2014. He also holds an MSc in Sustainable Design from the University of Edinburgh, and a BFA New Media Arts degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. He is currently an assistant professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

23-25 Nov, 2017

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