By Teddy Lo


Lan Kwai Fong Amphitheatre

The sculpture is inspired by an astral divine figure – Metatron, whose supreme stature would inspire knowledge, ascension and spiritual growth. The white LED light acts as the supreme ray, its brilliance and interactivity will create a cosmic alchemy, ‘light codes’ will be downloaded and decoded. It will be stored as a higher form of ‘intelligent energy’ which will bring about personal evaluation, clarity and guidance. It will also influence the collective unconscious of the planet and aid planetary evolution.

With all the turmoils, confusions and stress that Hong Kong has been going through in recent years, Quintessence would act as a strong presence with an important message to the city (and the world) and a dynamic, creative and technological expression for the first local light festival – Lumieres Hong Kong.

23-25 Nov, 2017
LKF Amphitheatre
Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

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