The Anooki shake up

By Moetu Batlle and David Passegand


The Anooki are two little and the most lovable Inuits in the world. From the North Pole, they have been travelling around the world and will land on the facade of the General Post Office, illuminating the nights of Hong Kong for a joyful show for a wide audience.

From a huge trampoline to a giant aquarium, the white façade of the General Post Office becomes the new playground of the Anooki. Small windows will become fountains, filling the building with water.
The scenario uses spectacular effects and refers to Hong Kong Popular themes: martial arts, the Hong Kong flag symbol, water… but above all, these two fun and restless characters are universal, and will appeal to young and elders. A musical and communicative finale will bring the audience into a frenzied choreography.

Moetu Batlle and David Passegand

Moetu Batlle and David Passegand are the founders of the creative company Inook and the production company Aglagla. The duo creates interactive video installations, websites, mobile applications and communication tools for companies, museums, brands and institutions. Their ultimate objective is to create tools that are hyper-intuitive, perfectly comprehensive, coherent, and technically irreproachable. The duo’s creation, Les Anooki, have their own TV series, Facebook emoticons, monumental screenings and iPhone games, and are the most acclaimed work produced by Batlle and Passegand. Inook is the winner of the trophy of light (voted favourite creation in the festival) in Fête des Lumières 2012 and 2014. 

23-25 Nov, 2017

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