Memories from The Tower Of Light

By Wong Chi Yung


1881 Heritage, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Time is a mysterious thing. It is hard to draw a line between the present and the past. The Former Marine Police Headquarters, built in the early 1880s, were once the cells where pirates and smugglers were held. The coops on the walls of the building’s courtyard were for keeping pigeons – used to carry messages to ships in the harbour. This establishment has stood against the ravages of time, witnessing the story of Hong Kong. The most interesting part of this place is the Time Ball Tower. It was once providing vital service to ships in the Harbour known as Victoria, guiding all the sailors after a long voyage with its bell sounding above the sea of fog.
The tower stood against times and left a trace of the vanished past. I wonder how many misbegotten moons have shone their gentle light on the tower. How many young men – now old – were once passing by this tower?

How many Autumn leaves has turned gold and drifted by the wind and touched the tower? In this hectic city of modern Hong Kong, the tower has been buried under the neon lights; I wonder how many of us remember what the past remembers. The light was once here, it brought all the memories departing from us, travelling with the infinite of time and keeping it safe from all odd; perhaps one day someone would come to find these forgotten lights.

CY Wong

Wong Chi Yung is a new media artist whose work concentrates on the art of light. It is a mixture of technology, popular culture and theatrical techniques. His works focus on the relationship between light and people and how this relationship can be explored in both visual and theatrical arts. In his pieces, he applies theatrical lighting techniques to dictate rhythm, intensity and colour. It is the manipulation of these factors that induces visitors to re-perceive surrounding spaces through the intervention of light.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Theatre Lighting Design and was the first lighting student who graduated with First Class Honours from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Over the last 10 years, Wong Chi Yung has lived and worked in Paris, Helsinki and Hong Kong.

23-25 Nov, 2017

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