The Void. The Fulfilment. The Dream.

By Hung Keung


Man Mo Temple
A wisp of smoke
carries two circles in the night sky
strokes the air over an old temple

A lunar eclipse at a fleeting glimpse
A solar eclipse before the drunk soul
Or rather, an act of enchantment by a circus artist that one beholds……

The juggling balls grow bigger to introduce a battle of words and deeds
A flash of light rises like dawn
Street sounds flood into the shadow puppet’s dream, awaken
A dream that closes too soon
If not a life in deep slumber

Such random thoughts arising in mine when looking at the sky above Man Mo Temple Circle dream, as enigma, or destiny……
Man Mo Temple, a place where people gather, with happiness and sadness entwined, emptiness to be filled, and dreams to be realised. Are our lives destined to be eclipsed with imperfections and losses? Or are unfulfilled voids the very nature of our existence?
Two symbols of the temple (Sword and Brush pen), representing cutting marks and ink marks, are shown with lighting effect through technology. They suggest the legacy of this Hong Kong heritage icon that lives in every believer’s life, representing the circle of the universe, as well as the gate to connect different styles of ‘space’. In other words, it is about the marks that it makes in its history through time and space experience.

Hung Keung

Hung Keung is a new media artist who specialises in combining a significant amount of interactive and moving digital images in his works, which often demonstrate a dynamic dialogue between time and space. The artist studied in Hong Kong, in London, and in Germany and is currently an Assistant Professor of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also the founder of innov+media lab (IMHK lab), focusing on new media art and design research in relation to Chinese philosophy and interactivity. Hung’s works have received awards from several major international art festivals. 

23-25 Nov, 2017

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