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Hong Kong Sinfonietta – Great Violin Concertos: Richard Lin Plays Korngold


18 Nov 2017, 8:00pm

Venue: HK City Hall Concert Hall

Ticket: $420 $280 $160

Ticketing website: URBTIX

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Chan Hing-yan          November Leonids – for Orchestra (world première)
                                            Commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2017 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund
Korngold                    Violin Concerto in D, Op 35
Pierre-Yves Macé     Glissement de Terrain (Orchestra Version – world première)
                                            Co-commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta & Lumieres Hong Kong
Bernstein                    West Side Story: Symphonic Dances

Music Director / Conductor Yip Wing-sie
Violin Richard Lin
Composer Chan Hing-yan (HKS Artist Associate 2016-2018)
Composer Pierre-Yves Macé


Date: 23-25 Nov, 2017
Time: 18:00-22:00
Venue: Broadway Cinematheque, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

It is a strange and surprising vision of the Hong Kong wildlife that offers us the French artist Julien Nonnon. In this new URBAN SAFARI, a series of creatures featuring animals redesigned and projected on facades of buildings through an embedded video-projection system, the artist will play with the Chinese Zodiac effigies. A clever mix of street-art and video-mapping, that invite us to a new way to wander at night in the city.
Watch out! You might come face-to-face with a rooster wearing a bomber jacket, round a corner!

Visual artist and founding member of Le3 creative studio, his works essentially articulates the interaction of his creations with the architecture and urban elements surrounding him. This process has successfully brought numerous artistic projects to completion, combining Street-Art, kinetic installations, digital creations and Video-Mapping. Showing the desire to see his works in the street, he developed his own tools allowing him therefore to project his creations in any location that inspires him.

Bons Baisers de Cannes
in Paris

Han Yajuan   


HD digital video

2:54 min



11.23 – 11.25. 2017
Venue:  26W
Address: G/F, 26 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Han Yajuan’s work primarily deals with issues of female identity and self-awareness in the age of information and globalization, her work broadly encompasses oil paintings, sculptures and video installations. In her latest series Superlative, she attempts to use visual language to challenge accepted logic, which leads to a discussion about established thinking, authoritative boundaries and the limitations of self-awareness. Using indirect focus and subtle hints, the visual impact of the works is further emphasized by de-centralization, thus creating an undefined space and an uncertain ‘chaotic’ state, which leads to infinite possibilities under any given situation.


Han Yajuan (b. 1980) lives and works in Beijing. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art, and her Masters at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has previously held numerous solo exhibitions worldwide including: China, USA, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Spain and Turkey. Her works have also participated in over a hundred international group exhibitions, including: “New Tale of Orient” at the National Art Museum of China; “Go Figure! Contemporary Chinese Portraiture” at the Australia National Portrait Gallery and Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation; “Future Pass”at Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmanara in Venice/ Rotterdam Wereldmuseum/ National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts/ Today Art Museum. Her works were collected by some of the worlds’most prestigious private and institutional art collections, such as The Uli Sigg Collection, CAA, and M+ Museum.

Maurice Mbikayi

Web Jacket

single channel video

9 min


11.23-11.25. 2017
Venue: 26W
Address: 26 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Maurice Mbikayi was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo and lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2000 he graduated with a BA in Graphic Design (Advertising and Visual Communication), from the Academies des Beaux Arts in Kinshasa. He completed his Master of Fine Art degree (with distinction) in 2015 at the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.


Mbikayi’s work is related to identity and history, and seeks to interrogate people’s origins and boundaries – how these can be renegotiated and recontextualised in different socio-political environments. He also investigate the impacts of contemporary technology on humanity, especially Africans. Mbikayi focuses on various ways in which the technological advancement of the last twenty years has both positively and negatively affected the world. Its reliance on mining for resources, for instance, has made Africa and its people vulnerable to low-wage labour abuse as well as a range of other factors beyond their control, as dictated by international economic markets. The effect on cultural and environmental diversity has been devastating.


Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho) Special Live Light Performance in collaboration with Lumières Hong Kong

11.24. 2017, 7-9pm
Venue: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Address: G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong

Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho) is one of the pioneers to engage in contemporary art in Hong Kong  and has been experimenting with ink for 40 years creating  his innovative and unique styles as well as endless art happenings involving ink in the most expressive and performative events. In collaboration with Lumières Hong Kong, Frog King will create a special live art performance with light and let his unique “Frogtopia” shining in the evening.

Forever Young: Eddie Kang Solo Exhibition
9.23 – 11.25. 2017
Venue: Lucie Chang Fine Arts 
Address: No.26, Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


South Korean multi-media talent Eddie Kang’s video piece, Blossoming Happy cells weighs in the 1st edition of Lumieres Hong Kong with a strong statement. With the imaginary animated characters “Happycells” swirling around in the 2-minute-long video, Kang articulates his everlasting philosophy in arts and life of celebrating purity, sincerity and fun-filled youthfulness. A native of Korea, as well as a globe trotter, Kang senses the tension that a person of his age has to face in the modern society on a daily level, and the vibrant-colored, ostensibly-vulnerable-looking “Happycells” is his way to rebelling against this kind of pressure. “We all need to loosen up a little”, Kang stated when asked to interrupt his own video work. While presenting a Hong-Kong-much-needed feel-good theme during the course of the festival, the piece is bound to stand out, with a promise of warmth, entertainment and affection. Forever Young: Solo Exhibition of Eddie Kang is on view at Lucie Chang Fine Arts through November 25, 2017.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA, Kang has exhibited extensively in Asia. He further started gaining international recognition through past and current collaboration with Sandra Gering Inc. New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, Unseal Contemporary, Tokyo, the Abbazia di San Gregorio, Venice, the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, and Asia Society, Hong Kong Center. Kang’s works serve collectively as a trademark in cultural sphere where fine art, fashion brands, entertainment and social media naturally interact. Kang currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

After Midnight

Cyril Delettre

11.23 – 11.25. 2017
Venue: La Galerie Paris 1839
Address: G/F 74 Hollywood Road Central Hong Kong


Cyril Delettre participates to the development of conceptual photography when pursuing the works of Stephen Shore and Lewis Baltz. Delettre’s photo series document the side effects of modern civilization, focusing on places that lie outside the bounds of canonical reception: urban wastelands, abandoned industrial sites, warehouses.


His photographs uncover the correspondences between spatial forms that occur in the everyday world and the advanced forms found in art. Delettre’s strategies imply a reflexive knowledge of the history of photography in that they deploy the photographer as a teacher of seeing who makes things visible through reductive gestures.


Delettre manages in his work to extend the notion of the documentary photography, in a minimalist-style aesthetic.

Delettre minimalist and reduced image compositions explore the photographic style as a process, and refer not only to the art of photographers like Lee Friedlander or Lewis Baltz.

Convergences are to be found in his formal and aesthetic compositional patterns as well as in the content he fixes on, which Delettre subjects to a highly critical analysis, without however losing sight of essentials.

Delettre chooses to work after midnight when the city is abandoned and the electric lights redesign the perspective and new forms appears.



Shen Liang, Zhang Zhenyu

11.2 – 11.30. 2017
Venue: Tang Contemporary Art, Hong Kong 
Address: 19/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong

Gallery will be opened from 11am to 11pm on 11.23.2017, and from 11am to 8pm on 11.24-11.25.2017

Shen Liang’s Shell Paper takes sunflower seed shells as its subject. He captures the similarities between the forms of the seed shells and the calligraphic structures of dots, vertical lines, horizontal lines, downward strokes, and upward strokes, using calligraphic strokes to present his forms. Every shell is depicted using the techniques of traditional ink painting. The use of line is succinct and compact, and the moisture of the brush and the voids are similar to the painting techniques used for bamboo leaves. In particular, these images were completed in acrylic and toner on paper, combining Western materials and Eastern techniques and concepts. In Shell Paper series, these ordinary seed shells are depicted realistically, then dense groups of many shells are brought together in abstract images painted with appropriate shading and brush moisture. The work’s meaning is not isolated to the level of visible form. These numerous shells were not made all at once; Shen Liang used the style of an “exercise” to gradually enrich the painting. In a blend of temperament and brushwork in the creative process, taste and spirit are liberated from materials and techniques.


Zhang Zhenyu began making Dust in 2011, using dust as a primary medium. He repeatedly polished the dust he collected to produce graduated mirror-like surfaces. Dust is a ubiquitous, natural material; it is present in our living spaces at all times, but as such, it is easily overlooked. In the complex collection and production process, Zhang Zhenyu changed the properties of these specks; he believes that dust reflects everything objective. Through this polishing process, Dust is given purity, injected with the artist’s understanding of life and reality. By bringing the viewer into a tranquil space and time, nature is transformed into an object of beauty. Through his meditative creative process, his work comes to embody the abstract concepts of time and Zen. In this exhibition, Zhang’s video work Horizon Line is exhibited with hanging works from the Dust series.



Shen Liang

Born in 1976 in Liaoning Province, China. He graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with Master’s Degree in 2003. He is currently living and working in Beijing.

The iconic motif in Shen Liang’s early oil paintings is the past of China. He has recurrently depicted scenes of Beijing Opera and reproduced covers of propaganda books during Cultural Revolution. His thick brushwork blends 2-D images with the quality of sculpture, creating a new visual experience on the surface. Shen Liang’s recent art practice resonates with Chinese literati art. Choosing mundane objects – seed shells, flies and fruit peel – as his subjects, he blends western materials with strokes of Chinese calligraphy, creating the aesthetics of traditional ink art.


Zhang Zhenyu

Born in Hunan Province in 1974. In 1997, he graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Teemed with humble materials from every day such as newspaper and dust, Zhang Zhenyu’s experimental art practice explores the homogeneity of modern cities and reshapes our understanding of materiality. The artist gathers dust from various locations and repeatedly burnishes and polishes his materials so that the effect of a mirror is created on the surface. The finished work reflects minimalist abstraction with simplifying decorative elements. Like religious practice, Zhang presents his view on different concepts such as “time”, “complexity”, “abstraction” and “zen”.


Music Performance with Video Art

25 Nov 2017, 7:30pm

Venue: Bauhinia Musik Haus

Address: Ground floor, 6 Grampian Road, Kowloon


Ticket: $200

Ticketing website:

Enquiry email & hotline:,  94019922

Facebook: h2oharpxoboe

Cameo is a music event featuring a video shot in Hong Kong. The idea is to give the audience a moment out of everyday life to feel Hong Kong through music and visual. Sometimes when we live in a place for a while, it became difficult to realize the development and changes; sometimes we might even forget how much we love this city because of the busy and high pressure living style in Hong Kong. The word “cameo” indicates a short but noticeable scene in a play or movie performed by distinguished actor or actress. Just like living in a big city, each of us is playing an individual role in our own everyday life, striving, busy, at the same time we are just a tiny part, a “cameo” of this big city, making brief appearances and subtle changes, but all noticeable and connected.

Performer: H2O – Jennifer Ho (Harp) & Janice Ho (Oboe); Fernando Rezk (Bandoneon)
Video Artist: Tse Chun Sing
Design©Josefa Cheang
Photo©Tse Jantzen