Statue Square

The idea of a square of statues dedicated to royalty was conceived by Sir Catchick Paul Chater in the 19th century. Initially named “Royal Square”, it gradually became known as “Statue Square”, a name derived from the number of bronze statues placed there.

These statues were displaced to Japan to be melted by the occupying Japanese during Second World War. After the war some of the statues were brought back to Hong Kong. The statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, 1st Baronet, and former chief manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, now stands in the middle of the square.

The actual design of the Square dates back from the early 1960’s after the Statues were brought back to Hong Kong.

Statue Square, Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong


By Christophe Mayer
23-25 Nov, 2017 10:00-23:00
Statue Square

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