The Former French Mission Building

The former French Mission Building was built in 1917 by the French Society of Foreign Missions as its Procure of Hong Kong. The building was used briefly by the Government before Hong Kong fell to the Japanese in 1941. Immediately after the Second World War, it was made the temporary headquarters of the Provisional Hong Kong Government. Since 1953, the building was occupied successively by the Education Department, Victoria District Court, the Supreme Court and the Information Services Department. It housed the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal between 1997 and 2015.

Dating from the Edwardian period, the three-storey building with a basement is constructed in granite and red bricks in the Neo-classical style. It has undergone several alterations since the Second World War, but many historical architectural features can still be seen in the building, making it one of the finest pieces of historical architecture in Hong Kong.

1 Battery Path, Central, Hong Kong


By Stéphane Masson
23-25 Nov, 2017 10:00-23:00
The Former French Mission Building

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